THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — Several businesses in Thomasville are without power after a series of car crashes, according to the Thomasville Fire Department.

The chaos began when a Ford F-250 struck a Dodge Challenger with no one inside of it. The crash pushed the Challenger into the aesthetic wall of the gas station causing it and the awning to collapse.

The crash did not cause a gas leak, according to the fire department.

After the first crash, the F-250 continued to go behind the gas station and down an embankment where it struck another car, a small green sedan, with no one inside of it. The crash pushed the green sedan into a power pole which caused several surrounding businesses to lose power.

PC: David Shaffer

The F-250 continued to move before finally crashing into a woodline where it came to a stop. It is not known what caused the crashes at this time.

The driver of the F-250 was the only person injured. They were taken to the hospital by Davidson County EMS and their condition is not known at this time.