CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A flying shark… no, literally, a flying shark.

A Shark Week blimp is taking flight over North Carolina in July, according to Discovery. To see exactly when and where it will be over the Tar Heel state, check the blimp tracker.

So here’s the deal — two blimps will take off over the east and west coasts beginning July 1. It’s a battle of the coasts, looking for the most ‘sharkadelic’ fans.

If you see it in the sky, take a picture and represent your coast on social using #EastShark or #WestShark.

The blimps are pretty big, measuring 128 feet long and 44 feet high.

These big boys can travel at speeds more than 50 miles per hour and cruise about 250 miles per day.

Don’t miss it, and may the best coast win.