RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Sheetz announced it is lowering prices for diesel fuel for the rest of January, company officials said in a statement.

Officials said diesel prices will be 50 cents less per gallon, and that adds up to a savings of roughly “10 for mid-size trucks, $12 for full-size trucks and $60 for semi-trailers” to fill-up an average size tank.

It comes as the cost of gas here in Raleigh is going up. According to Gas Buddy the average gas prices in the city have risen $0.19 a gallon, the opposite of the national average price of diesel.  Gas buddy says the national average fell about two cents last week. It’s at an average of $4.64 per gallon.

Joe Mesiti told CBS 17 he’s very happy to see that Sheetz is cutting their prices. He says the high costs aren’t fun for drivers.

“It doesn’t help. You’re paying a lot more than people are used to so it cuts into your… your wallet,” said Mesiti.

Sheetz officials said the lower diesel prices will be available at all of its more than 665 locations.

The offer is one month only.