RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A one-eared dog rescued from a North Carolina fighting ring is now sharing his art with the world.

Before arriving at Happily Furever After Rescue in Connecticut, Van Gogh was under the care of Orange County Animal Services. He was saved from a dog-fighting ring where he was used as a bait dog. He arrived at OCAS with a badly injured ear flap that was unrepairable and had to be removed leaving him with only one ear.

“He was used for bait and if people don’t know, that means he was thrown in and [they] let dogs attack him. And still, after everything he’s endured, he loves people. It just shows how resilient these rescue dogs are how amazing they are to anyone who adopts them,” said Happily Furever After Rescue founder, Jaclyn Gartner.

After not getting much interest from potential adopters for Van Gogh, Gartner decided to try a canvas painting trend she saw on Tik Tok. Paint is put on a canvas which is then placed in a bag. While Van Gogh licks peanut butter off the top of the bag, the paint moves around creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

  • van gogh poses in front of art work
  • Van Gogh licks peanut butter off plastic bag with canvas sitting inside the bag
  • van gogh calmly lays with two paws forward and eyes gazing into the distance
  • Van Gogh licks peanut butter off plastic bag with canvas sitting inside the bag
  • Van Gogh turns sideways to look at the camera
  • Van Gogh licks peanut butter off plastic bag with canvas sitting inside the bag

Van Gogh’s talent has now brought him international attention from people interested in his adoption and in his art.

A silent auction went live Friday for people interested in Van Gogh’s art. Fans can bid on original pieces painted and signed by the now famous-Van Gogh. Twelve unique canvases are available for bidding. Click here to view the auction items.

The auction is scheduled to run until 9 p.m. on Nov. 21.

Happily Furever After Rescue says all proceeds will directly benefit their rescues including Van Gogh’s care.

While the seven-year-old boxer/pitbull mix has gained a lot of new fans, he is still available for adoption.

Even with his loving demeanor, it’s been challenging getting interested adopters for Van Gogh. His past makes him weary of other dogs so he needs to be in a home without other dogs or cats. Click here for information about adopting Van Gogh.

“He’s seven years old so, he’s done with that puppyhood. He’s really relaxed. He’s well mannered. He just wants to be with his person. He’s perfectly content just sleeping in his bed, going on leisurely walks, that’s really all he needs. He’s really low maintenance,” said Gartner.