CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – A Charlotte woman had more than a closer encounter with a copperhead Thursday night when she was bit by the venomous snake while taking out the trash.

A Queen City News employee said his wife was near her trash bins when a copperhead struck at her feet.

One fang went into her flip flop, the other punctured her foot.

Our QCN teammate said his wife is suffering from minor swelling in her foot. After a call with poison control, it appears she will be fine!

As the weather heats up, close encounters with snakes are likely to be more frequent across the Carolinas.

Wildlife officials said the copperhead is the most common venomous and widespread snake in North Carolina and they account for over 90 percent of snake bites in the state.

It has a light brown, coppery or tan ground color with chestnut brown crossbands shaped like an hourglass or dumbbell. Its head is triangular.

Officials said their bites can be painful but are not considered life-threatening.

*Editors note: The snake was remeasured Friday at 22 inches. A previous version listed it as 18 inches.