Some NC truck drivers haven’t received last paycheck for hauling mail

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A number of Triad truck drivers say they haven’t received their final paycheck from a Florida-based mail hauling company.

Drivers for Postal Fleet Services contacted WGHP after missing their final paychecks from May 16-28.

Legal counsel for the company confirmed 132 employees were laid off last month. Postal Fleet Services claims the US Postal Service withheld $9.5 million in contracted work, and that’s why they can’t pay their drivers.

“On my run, you’re in that truck about 20 hours a day, we do that three days a week and that’s a long day when you think about not getting paid after all that time,” said Larry Scott, a former driver for the company.

Scott drove for the company for six years and said he was not aware of the ongoing dispute between Postal Fleet and USPS.

“It hurts pretty bad, a lot of these guys live hand to mouth, they don’t get paid they don’t eat. Fortunately, I had a dollar to put back, but it hurts when you don’t get paid,” he said.

Scott’s route to Pennsylvania and back earned him about $1,800 per pay period until he was let go in May.

“I understand we’re in 45 different states, so it didn’t dawn on us we wouldn’t get paid,” he said.

A spokesperson for USPS said they could not provide information about ongoing litigation.

“I did my job to the best of my ability with no complaints, and I want my money,” said former driver Dereck Rhyses.

Drivers say they are also considering legal action themselves but have not hired an attorney yet.

The lawyer for Postal Fleet says the company is considering every option to pay drivers in full, including liquidating assets and working with the Department of Labor.

“Regardless of this contract dispute, there is no question that our drivers should be paid for the work they performed, and it is shameful that the Postal Service is effectuating its withholding on those who can least absorb the consequences,” wrote Paul Waters.

“We intend to pursue every available legal cause of action and we can pay our employees for the wages they are owed when the USPS lives up to its obligations.”

WGHP reached out to the Department of Labor without a timely response.

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