WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – A woman will spend just two more months behind bars for a hit and run that killed a father of two.

Brook Honeycutt was sentenced by Judge Kent Harrell Thursday in an open plea in New Hanover County Superior Court.

Honeycutt hit Justin Allen Corbett, 30, with her car, on Market Street in Wilmington in September 2019; Corbett died later at the hospital.

Honeycutt, 25, pleaded guilty to felony hit and run resulting in death and driving while impaired.

She received a 120-day active sentence for the DWI.

Honeycutt has been in custody since October 14, 2019; as a result of the sentence, she only has to serve two more months.

Justin Allen Corbett, 30, a father of two was killed by a drunk driver. (Source: Corbett family’s attorney) (Source: WECT)

For the felony hit and run resulting in death, she received a split sentence, with 6 months active, plus a suspended sentence of 16-29 months followed by 36 months of supervised probation.

Many in the community expressed frustration about the sentence and commented on WECT’s Facebook Page about the case.

The District Attorney’s Office advocated for a full active sentence, which would have required Honeycutt to serve around two and a half years, the maximum sentence allowed under the law for these charges.

“I can completely understand and relate to the public’s outcry for the limited time this defendant received being only a matter of months for taking the life of Justin Corbett,” said Assistant District Attorney Cristi Servero. “Our victim had two children, ages 10 and 13, at the time of his death. He was 30 years old. He had a lot of family members across the country who loved him dearly.”

Members of the victim’s family were present for the plea and they addressed the judge at the time of sentencing.

“My office has a team of professionals dedicated to motor vehicle cases and they advocated for the maximum sentence here,” said District Attorney Ben David. “The loss of life is just as great in a vehicular death as it would be in a case involving any other weapon. The legislature has regarded the sentences for this conduct differently than in other crimes of violence.”

Servero echoed that sentiment.

“If we could have gotten more time, we would have done anything in our power to have done that,” she said. “We requested the maximum amount of time. We did not extend any plea offer. We did absolutely all that we could do as the district attorney’s office to ensure we sought justice in this case for Justin.”

Honeycutt had been drinking alcohol from about noon to 7:30 p.m. that day at a bar in Wrightsville Beach.

She was seen in videos stumbling around and needing help walking.

Her friends and coworkers say they took her keys from her but somehow, she ended up with them anyway.

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