CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Pressure is mounting for CMS and Myers Park High School to make changes to security.

Multiple students have accused school leaders of not reporting sexual assaults on campus.

This week, about two dozen students and parents protested in front of the Board of Education. They’re calling for the principal at Myers Park to resign.

“Any adult who sees a child being aggressively pulled into the woods should stop what they’re doing and address the situation. This was not done,” said one student who claims she was sexually assaulted in the woods near the school.

Multiple students told heartbreaking and horrifying stories to the board of education.

“I wish to live in a world where I’m not terrified every time I leave my home. But the sad truth is that I am,” said Katrina Carson, a student at Myers Park.

Board member Rhonda Cheek was shocked when she heard the student’s stories.

“Part of me wants to get a bulldozer and bulldoze the d*** woods behind Myers Park high school right now,” said Cheek. “I don’t have a bulldozer otherwise I’d be out there tomorrow.”

Fox 46 reached out to CMS to find out what, if any, security changes they are considering to keep kids safe.

A spokesperson never followed up.

Aerial pictures on the county’s property records website show that the school district owns much of the wooded area that surrounds the school.

Board members promise to take a deeper dive into the issue at their next meeting in August.

“I want to make sure that there is not a single staff member at CMS that does not understand how to properly handle a complaint,” said Cheek.