KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WAVY) — “The day the music died. RIP Ravann and Sebi you will be missed.”

This is what the sign read outside Outer Banks Brewing Station Tuesday. It’s a tribute to a mother and son who passed away in a house fire over the weekend. The mother, Ann Horton, was known to her friends as Ravann and worked at Outer Banks Brewing Station for years.

Owner Aubrey Davis remembers the impact Ravann left on people.

“She’s one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Careful, caring about others, she was very spiritual, she’d do anything in the world for you,” said Davis.

Davis says Ravann was a concert promoter and talent buyer for his business, bringing in many different bands and singers to Kill Devil Hills.

“I’m certainly gonna miss her, and everybody here at the brewing station is. She got to be part of the family with the last four years,” he said.

Her son Sebastian, who everyone knew as Sebi, was a third-grader at Nags Head Elementary School.

“Nine years old, he had all the energy in the world and loved music like his mom,” said Davis.

Multiple people have reached out to 10 On Your Side, describing sweet memories of the two and sharing pictures of happier times. Davis says this tight-knit community will miss them both.

“The world is a lonelier place without them in it — and fly high you two,” said Davis.

Friends and family members wanted to leave some messages about Ravann and Sebi:

“Sebi was Ravann’s Person
Ravann was Sebis Person
Ravan and Sebi…were both MY person.
Sorry, this is tough.”

– Kelley Grider

“They are an unending presence of the purest love, joy, kindness, and laughter. Living in my heart forever.”

– Laura Lane

❤️Revolution of love ❤️
“Such shining lights, truly beautiful beings. The uplifting impact they had on ‘Us’ their chosen family and everyone and everything they touched. One love, one heart.
All my love. Your sister & Titi, Willow #LuVMovement”

– Sister & Titi, Willow

“My sweet Ravann ❤️ Words cannot express what you and Sebi mean to me. That’s one thing I truly loved about our relationship… we didn’t need words. We were always on the same page. You just get me. Overflowing love. Soul sisters. I can’t wait to squeeze you again. I love you and Sebi forever, Sarah”

– Sarah

“You always made me famous by being with you as you lit up every room and I was fortunate enough to be by your side. Love, love, love, is all you need. Fair thee well! I love you more than words can tell…
Mr. Robbie xoxoxo”

– Mr. Robbie

If you would like to help donate to the family, visit the GoFundMe page.