CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — The countdown to Halloween is winding down, and the Transportation Security Administration braces for another day filled with frightful finds that spook screening checkpoints. 

Here are the agency’s chilling catches that passengers try to pass through airport security. 

If you’re planning to fly on Halloween, the TSA wants to help you get in the spirit without getting caught in a web at the check point. 

Agents say “beware” — if you wear a costume, it may set off an alarm at the body scanner. This may prompt the need for a pat down. If this possibility spooks you, you may want to pack it in your carry-on or checked bag. 

And about that witch’s broom, pitchfork or chainsaw? 

TSA officials understand these props enhance your costume, but warn they can haunt your clearance through security. 

Any realistic replicas must be placed in checked bags. This includes fake butcher knives, axes, swords and toy guns. 

If you carry them onboard, these weapon-like props may slow you down at the checkpoint.   

Halloween season isn’t the only time when passengers need to check which items to bring on flights. Ghastly items try to creep their way through security checkpoints year-round. 

And when it comes to the sweetest part of the holiday, passengers can proudly bring their candy haul into the cockpit!