RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The White House is defending itself for not being more forthcoming with public information about the classified documents found in President Biden’s home and office. Yet, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered when it comes to those documents.

Democrat Wiley Nickel represents Johnston County and part of Wake, Harnett and Wayne counties. CBS 17’s Russ Bowen sat down with the newly elected congressman to get his reaction to President Biden’s personal possession of top secret documents.

Here’s a look at their conversation:

Rep. Nickel — “I’m disappointed that he did and that we’re having this conversation, so I don’t have the details. I just know what’s been reported in the press. But what I do know is that the Biden administration has been fully cooperating. They’re doing things by the book to make sure that any documents immediately get returned. So I just think we need to let this process play out, there’s special counsel that’s been appointed and I have full faith in the Justice Department to review what’s happened and act appropriately.”

Bowen — “Republicans say that President Biden is not being treated the same way that President or former President Trump has been with his document situation. Is that true as far as you’re concerned?”

Rep. Nickel — “No. I mean I think I see a number of Republicans trying to score cheap political points on this issue. The big difference as I see it is President Biden, as soon as he found out about the issue has been cooperating fully. President Trump was told he had classified top secret documents and he didn’t give it back. If he had handled this situation the same way that President Biden is, you wouldn’t have had the mess that we’re in. There’s a very big difference. But for most people they are just documents, but the fact is whether you’re a Democrat or Republican we need to treat all classified documents properly and they need to be returned and they shouldn’t be sitting around no matter what party you’re from.”

Bowen — “But we still don’t know how they got there, was it intentional, was it not intentional, was it just oversight and sloppiness. The other question is did anyone have any opportunity to see these documents, were these documents viewed by anyone else. The other big question that’s out there is why did it take so long for the White House and DOJ to release the information when this happened back in November. Do you have those questions too?

Rep. Nickel — “My guess is you just have a staff person that probably packed a ton of boxes and he may not have even known that they were there. You just have volumes and volumes of information and things that you keep for one reason or another when you leave office after eight years as vice president. So I’m hopeful that is more of the explanation. But I don’t have those answers. I think they’re appropriate questions to ask but my focus really is, what are the things I can do to help my district and try to bring our country together.