‘They’re hitting it with a sledgehammer’: 911 call describes scene after 2 people bitten by rabid fox in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Two people were attacked by a rabid fox in a Greensboro neighborhood.

It happened on Wednesday night on a popular footpath on Coronado Drive.

The victims did not want to talk on camera, but shared their story as a warning to others.

They told our sister station, FOX8, that it’s usually a quiet path, leading up to a wooden bridge and a park.

One man, his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, and another friend were outside when they heard some screaming and a dog barking, coming from the footpath.

The man grabbed his cellphone, documenting the moments they all came across a fox next to the bridge, tucked away behind some tall grass, staring them down.

“It’s right here guys, come here,” the man could be heard saying in the video. “He might be hurt… you OK, buddy?”

The man said they were all concerned the fox was injured.

He said the fox kept slowly approaching them, acting sweet and in need of assistance.

All of a sudden, he said the fox took off, lunging four feet in the air, mouth open, landing on top of his sister’s boyfriend.

“My friend has just been bitten by a fox,” one of the people in the group told 911 dispatchers.

The man said his sister sprang into action, grabbed the fox and tried to pull it off of her boyfriend.

“Oh my gosh, she’s got blood all over. Another one got bit now,” the person told 911.

“Two people got bit now?” asked the dispatcher. “I need you all to stay away from the fox.”

The man said his sister was bit more than six times and has huge gashes on her hand.

“Somebody is holding him down,” the caller told dispatchers.

“I need you to not hold the fox down. We don’t want anyone else to get bit,” the dispatcher said. “If there’s a way to confine it and you can do it safely… but do not try to hold it down just because that’s another bite risk.”

They couldn’t hold the fox much longer.

The group of four ended up killing the fox before it hurt more people.

“They’re hitting it with a sledgehammer,” the caller told dispatchers.

The two people who were attacked were in the hospital until around 3 a.m. on Thursday.

The fox was tested by Animal Control and it was positive for rabies.

The people involved did receive rabies shots.

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