RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Officials announced Sunday evening that there were more than 5,600 tickets remaining for Monday night’s NCAA Championship game between UNC-Chapel Hill and Kansas.

Most ticket buyers for the game in New Orleans so far are from North Carolina at 11 percent, according to a news release from StubHub.

For now, the cheapest tickets to the Superdome game are available for just $35 — but it’s not clear how long those will last, the news release said.

Sideline “prime” tickets are already listed for $3,000 each on the Stubhub site. Tickets on row 4 in the 142 section of the Superdome are listed for $9,595 each.

Heading into Saturday night’s epic UNC-Duke Final Four game, both universities offered a lottery for students to purchase low-priced tickets. It’s not known if UNC will offer that again for the title game against Kansas.

Texas has the next highest percentage of ticket buyers at 8 percent followed by New York and California both at 6 percent each, the news release said.