CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — A tow truck driver told Queen City News he was able to walk away with just a few cuts and some bruises after a terrifying accident along Interstate 85.

Brian Fowler was loading a vehicle on the back of his tow truck when another vehicle crashed into the back, totaling the car he was picking up, on I-85 Wednesday near University City.

Witnesses said the multi-vehicle crash came very close to being much worse.

On Thursday, the tow truck driver spoke with Queen City News about what happened. Fowler said this was the closest call he’d ever had, but what happened was not out of the ordinary.

One person was injured in the crash, however, the exact extent of their injuries remains unknown at this time. Judging from what the tow truck company said, the driver of the vehicle at fault in this crash was the one who was seriously injured.

QCN is still working to get an update on their condition.

The tow truck company that was out on the road at the time, Gatton’s Towing Service, showed QCN the vehicle that they were trying to get off the interstate when the wreck occurred.

It was a pickup truck that only had a flat tire at that time.

Photo via Gatton’s Towing Service

The driver who was on the interstate Wednesday told QCN the vehicle that hit them did not appear to slow down and hit at such a force, that it totaled the broken-down pickup, and caused significant damage to the tow truck.

The tow truck driver, Fowler, was thrown up against a wall during the crash and is miraculously alright. Queen City News got the chance to speak with him on Thursday. He has some cuts and bruises and is sore, but is otherwise fine.

Watch Wednesday’s close-call crash, where you can see Fowler narrowly miss being hit:

“Something hit me from behind, knocked me down up against the wall, and the next thing I knew, I was getting up to a mess,” Fowler said.

“They don’t slow down, they don’t move over. There’s no regard for life, they’re on their phones, they’re messing with the radio, they’re messing with the GPS or the kid in the back, and not paying attention to what they’re doing,” Deana Gatton said with Gatton’s Towing Service.

The cause of this crash remains under investigation by NC State Highway Patrol.