RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The former UCLA lecturer who the FBI said wrote an 800-page manifesto filled with threats of violence against the school was hospitalized in North Carolina briefly last year, federal court documents say.

Matthew Harris, 31, was taken into custody Tuesday in Colorado following a standoff at his Boulder apartment complex that ended peacefully.

UCLA officials canceled classes on campus Tuesday over the threats.

Months before the threats against UCLA, Harris was the subject of a restraining order after sending threatening messages saying he would “hunt” and kill a professor, court documents show.

Starting in January 2021, Harris sent his mother emails threatening violence against a UC Irvine professor who he said gave him schizophrenia. Harris sent his mother at least two emails containing threats and suicide and federal documents say she did not report the emails to law enforcement.

In the following months, UCLA police received numerous complaints from students saying Harris was sending offensive/inappropriate content, federal officials said.

Harris’ mother did forward an email to members of the UCLA Philosophy Department in April 2021 saying her son was unwell and had made “disturbing comments about his old colleagues.”

On May 12, 2021, UCLA police contacted Harris’ mother, who was living in Guilford County with her husband, and encouraged her to have him involuntarily committed.

She agreed and went before a magistrate before the FBI and Guilford County Sheriff’s Office served papers on Harris at a home in Stokesdale.

He was hospitalized for around a month before he made plans to return to Los Angeles, federal documents said.

His mother would later tell law enforcement that Harris’s doctors said he had schizophrenia.

Starting in June 2021, UCLA police took out a series of restraining orders against Harris. They would later learn he moved to Colorado where he tried to purchase a gun. He was eventually arrested.

Harris emailed his 800-page manifesto titled “death sentences” to 35 people.

“The manifesto contains numerous and repeated quotes advocating acts of violence against
various racial and ethnic groups,” federal documents said.

Federal documents showed Harris’ manifesto uses the word “kill” 7,512 times, “bomb” 2,489 times and “shoot” 2,514 times.

In Boulder, Police Chief Maris Herold said officials reviewed the manifesto, and “we identified thousands of references to violence, stating things such as killing, death, murder, shootings, bombs, schoolyard massacre in Boulder and phrases like ‘burn and attack Boulder outside of the university.’”

The Los Angeles Times reports Harris completed his dissertation at Duke University before his move to UCLA.