COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — A Corolla wild horse has died following a snake bite infection just days after being rescued.

Valor, a 2-year-old filly, was taken into care after the Corolla Wild Horse Fund received calls about the horse standing in the same place for nearly 24 hours.

A vet determined she had been bitten by a snake.

After several days, officials say they were certain that the snake injected venom based on the deterioration of the tissue around the bite.

“She had probably only been suffering for a day or less before we found her. However, the deterioration of the tissue around the bite was secondary to the bacteria introduced by the bite. Infection from the puncture wound is the major risk, which is what happened to Valor.”

Officials say they then made the difficult decision to euthanize the horse as her health continuously deteriorated.

Valor was born two years ago on Memorial Day, hence the name, and she has certainly lived up to it.

“This is a tough loss for the herd, and also a very tough loss for those of us who fought so hard to keep her alive. We appreciate your respect as we grieve our loss,” officials said.

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