CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — A fight broke out at a North Carolina Family Dollar, as employees tried to stop a thief in his tracks.

“They locked the doors and said, ‘We aren’t gonna let this happen again today,'” said witness Rich Jones, who caught the entire incident on camera. 

Going mad over merchandise the fight at the Family Dollar on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte was all caught on camera. Officials said a shoplifter scuffled with employees as he tried to get away.

“He ended up getting away with a basket full of stuff,” said Jones. “And he injured an employee by pushing him against the glass.”

At least three Family Dollar employees were trying to stop the man from making it out of the store with some of the pricier merchandise. On video, you can hear and see some of the shoppers in the video attempting to try to help as well.

“As soon as they locked the doors, the guy noticed and ran with a basket full of items,” Jones said. “I had heard from employees it was the third time someone was caught stealing that day. So, I definitely understand the frustration on the employees’ part.”

Rich Jones is a faithful couponer who frequents Family Dollar.

“Me and my son were standing in line,” he said. “And they noticed that someone was in the back stealing— so they called over the intercom that security was watching.”

He says he was caught in the middle of it all and didn’t feel safe.

“My thing is, they were trapping me in the store also,” Jones said. “I had nothing to do with the situation— so say he had a gun or a firearm or knife. I had a kid with me. So I was like, what should I try to do in that situation?”

He said he started filming so he would have evidence just in case someone was seriously hurt.

He plans to continue to coupon at other Family Dollar locations but says he won’t be back to this specific one any time soon.

“I’ll go to University or Mt. Holly, but I definitely won’t come back over here — not for a while.”