RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As the temperatures warm up in North Carolina some animals are becoming more active.

One of the most sensitive animals to warm temperatures are alligators.

In the last week or so, more of them have been spotted in eastern North Carolina and at its coast.

About 10 days ago, Sunset Beach police had to capture and move a 6-foot alligator that was blocking a store entrance in the Brunswick County town.

Now, further inland, three alligators were spotted in one day over the weekend.

Lake Waccamaw is known for having active alligators — and this coming weekend will have its annual Gator Fest on Saturday

One resident, Liisa Fialkosky, spotted three alligators lurking around her home on Sunday.

She managed to get photos and video of the animals as they crawled around the lake waters.

Lake visitors are encouraged not to feed the alligators, which would make the animals not fear people. In 2018, a 40-year state ban on hunting alligators was lifted.

Last week, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission released a map showing the areas in the state where alligators are active.

“The green area is where alligators can be found in North Carolina,” officials wrote along with the map. “In other words…the further you go into the green area, the higher probability of one seeing you later.”

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission map