RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A hemp derivative has people across North Carolina buzzing, but some are questioning how it’s legal.

“Delta 8 almost seemed God-given when it showed up in our marketplace,” said Eric Stahl, owner of Modern Apothica.

It’s available in nearly every shop that specializes in CBD.

“Delta 8 is what so many people thought CBD was going to be,” said Stahl.

However, this hemp derivative will get you high.

“It’s on par, at least psycho activity wise with marijuana, but it’s not marijuana,” said Stahl.  “It’s a clear-headed focused euphoria on par with a wine buzz.”

If you’re wondering how it’s legal, Erica Stahl of Modern Apotheca says the law is very clear.



“When we passed the Farm Bill back in 2018 it made it very clear that any and all products that we can derive from a legal hemp plant as long as that product is .3 percent Delta-9 THC it’s a federally legal product,” said Stahl.

While it may be legal, and available seemingly everywhere, many people are questioning if Delta-8 will make you flunk a drug test.

“Yes 100 percent,” said Stahl.  “I tell everybody is this is a THC product. When you go to LabCorp and you get drug tested any molecule any substance that you’re going to put in your body, your urinalysis will show that it’s in your system.”