GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People were caught off guard when they heard gunshots and police sirens Friday night.

All the commotion happened on Interstate 40 westbound near South Elm Eugene Street in Guilford County.

People staying at the Park View Inn had a clear view of I-40.

Many of them said they couldn’t sleep last night after witnessing what unfolded.

“We saw a car coming by and like two cop cars behind it and they hit it with a pit maneuver and the car spun around and hit the bridge,” said Stacey Gaines, who saw all the action.

The impact created a loud boom and forced drivers on I-40 to stop in their tracks, and people to exit their homes to get a closer look.

“Smoke came out and the dude got out the car and flipped over the bridge and landed straight on the ground,” said Gaines.

Law enforcement officials have not shared what led up to all this. It all started around 7:30 Friday night. At one point, two lanes of I-40 west near South Elm Eugene Street were closed.

“I couldn’t go to sleep for the rest of the night at all,” said Walter Wall, a resident at Park View Inn. “I watched him jump. That was the worst.”

It was a moment Wall thought could only happen in video games.

“It’s different when you actually see it happen,” he said.

On Saturday morning, the only evidence of what happened was a damaged guardrail and tires marks on the road.

“When he hit you could hear the sound,” said Wall. “When he hit the concrete. It sounded like a gallon falling out of a bag. It’s like I’ve seen a lot of stuff but that’s something I didn’t want to see.”

WGHP crews saw two vehicles had to be towed from the scene. One of them was a law enforcement cruiser.

We have placed several calls to authorities and sent emails to find out exactly what unfolded and if anyone was injured or arrested.

Our inquiries have not been answered.