ST. PAULS, N.C. (WBTW) – The mom of a Robeson County football star who was killed in a shooting is begging for answers and for the person responsible to turn themselves in.

Marqueise Coleman, 19, was found shot last week at 885 N. Alford Rd. and then taken to a hospital in a private vehicle. He later died at UNC Southeastern Medical Center.

“You’re heartless,” said Tanisha Coleman, Marqueise’s mother. “You’re very heartless to sit here and take a human life that was getting ready to make something of himself. Make his family proud, make his friends proud. It’s like y’all don’t even care.”

Tanisha Coleman said Marqueise was much more than a football player.

“People see him as playing football but his family [saw] him as a loveable person that would do anything, give the shirt off his back to anybody,” Tanisha Coleman said. “He didn’t care. If one of his friends would call and say, ‘I need you to do something,’ he would jump out of his bed, ‘Hey, mom, I’m gone. I got to help such and such person out.'”

Marqueise Coleman got a scholarship to play football at Fayetteville State University. His dream was to play at the NFL level so he could help out his family.

“He always told me. He said, ‘Mom, you took care of me and my brother and sister all the years. You and grandma helped us out all these years. My duty is to pay y’all back for making us the way we are,'” Tanisha Coleman said.

“Throughout the investigation, many people have spoken about Coleman’s smile, personality, mentoring to St. Paul’s High School athletes and his athletic abilities,” Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said in a news release on Saturday. ”This senseless crime has left a family, friends, and community grieving for a young man who was taken away too soon and had so much more to offer.”

Tanisha Coleman begged for the person who is responsible for killing her son to come forward.

“To the person, if you’re watching, that took my son’s life, please, please, turn yourself in,” she said. “This gun violence has to stop. Not only in St. Pauls, not only in Lumberton. Anywhere. Fairmont, Red Springs and in Robeson County, period.”

There is now an $8,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. The sheriff’s office initially offered a $3,000 reward. A businessman in the area added $5,000 to it.

To submit a tip, call Crime Stoppers at (910) 865-TIPS. Tips can be left anonymously.