North Carolina Zoo needs your help naming adopted wild polar bear


In this Jan. 2018 photo provided by the Seneca Park Zoo Society, polar bear Aurora is seen in the snow at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York. Aurora, 28, has died of severe liver disease, the zoo reported Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Aurora was born at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in 1989 and arrived […]

The North Carolina Zoo is asking the public to help name a wild polar bear that they recently adopted.

The Zoo adopted the wild polar bear through Polar Bears International (PBI). The female bear lives with her two cubs in the Western Hudson Bay area of Canada, the zoo said in a release.

“PBI is the leading polar bear conservation group in the world solely dedicated to conserving wild polar bears and their threatened Arctic environment,” the release said.

The North Carolina Zoo has been an official Arctic Ambassador Center for PBI for 9 years. The Zoo is one of 40 zoos, aquariums and museums that partner with the group.

Every fall, female polar bears — as many as 10 — are fitted with GPS collars to track their movements. The bear’s movements can be tracked online using PBI’s Polar Bear Tracker.

The North Carolina Zoo’s bear is currently named “Polar Bear ID X33805.

The following names are the options for the Zoo’s adopted polar bear. The names were chosen by zookeepers and are Inuit and Native American names and North Carolina themes:

Yura – Inuit for “one who is beautiful”
Sakari – Native American for “sweet”
Carolina – For our home state
Tapeesa– Inuit for “Arctic flower”
Hope – For hope for the polar bears’ future

Voting began Wednesday at noon and will end Nov. 19 at 4 p.m. You can vote here.

The winning name will be announced on Nov. 20.

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