October 3: "Aug-tober" Weather Pattern


It's autumn, it's October...but Mother Nature doesn't seem to be in a fall-like mood just yet. The weather for the rest of this week will be more reminiscent of late August, so I'll be using the "Aug-tober" moniker until further notice. (Hey, it's easier to say than "Oct-gust".) The culprit is a strong area of high pressure in the upper atmosphere -- that means the atmosphere is literally pressing down us. As the air overhead is pushed down towards the ground, it warms up...and that overall setup isn't going to change through the middle of next week. Look how little the upper-level pattern is forecast to change from today through next Wednesday:

Temperatures this morning started off about ten degrees above normal, and that's where we'll end up this afternoon:

Now, the mid 80s can feel pretty good if the humidity is low...but dew points this afternoon will approach "gross" territory on the muggy meter:

The increased humidity will prevent temperatures from falling too much overnight:

Thursday looks like it will be the peak of this heat wave, with highs around 90°:

But that doesn't mean the heat wave is over! We'll still reach the upper half of the 80s on Friday, and temperatures over the weekend and early next week will consistently run in the low to mid 80s:

As for that 20% rain can translate that as, "It probably won't rain, but we can't completely rule it out." There's certainly no reason to adjust any outdoor plans.



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