October 4: This Is October?


The early-October heat wave continues fact, today will likely be the warmest day in this stretch of unseasonably warm weather. Highs will reach the upper 80s or even low 90s:

While that's exceptionally warm, it's not close to record territory, believe it or not: We have to talk about the heat index, which is bizarre for this time of year...factoring in the humidity, the feels-like temperature will reach the low to mid 90s this afternoon:

If you're heading out this evening, to either the US Women's National Soccer Team match in Cary, or to tailgate before the Canes' home opener, be ready to sweat:

A weak cold front will drift in from the north tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up for a big change. Temperatures will still reach mostly the upper half of the 80s Friday afternoon:

As the front moves in, we'll see a chance of showers -- again, don't get your hopes up. The North American Model's radar simulation from 2pm Friday through 2pm Saturday shows why we're only putting a 20% chance in the forecast both days:

That front will move through and fall apart by Saturday. Temperatures will be slightly cooler in its wake, but the highs in low to mid 80s from Saturday through Wednesday are still 5-10 degrees above average for the first half of October:

The long-range data is starting to show signs of a cool-down by the week of October 15th -- that a LONG way down the line, so we'll just wait and see if it's a light at the end of the tunnel, or just another oncoming train.




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