Person Co. Animal Services says it did not illegally kill animals


ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – The director of Person County Animal Services said a misunderstanding between it and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture lead the state to believe animals were being unlawfully euthanized.

“It was all a gross misunderstanding,” Ron Shaw, director of Person County Animal Services said.

Shaw came under fire last week after the Department of Agriculture sent a warning letter saying one of animal services’ managers admitted to breaking the law.

Last week, the Department of Agriculture said it was alarmed at a conversation it had with the shelter’s manager, Kelli Oakley.

Dr. Patricia Norris, the director of animal welfare with the DOA said, “What I was told that even slightly ill or injured animals were euthanized before the 72-hour rule.”

If that proved to be truth, Person County Animal Services would be breaking the law.

The warning letter the department sent to the shelter last week stated that the shelter manager “has stated her intention to willfully disregard” that law.

Shaw gave WNCN a tour of the shelter and explained that it has never euthanized a dog or cat before 72 hours.

He shared the letter he sent back to the Department of Agriculture clarifying what he calls a, “gross misunderstanding.”

The Department of Agriculture said it is reviewing the shelter’s letter and will make a decision about renewing the shelter’s license.

Previously, the shelter was in jeopardy of losing their license.

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