Police warn about viral child pornography video on Facebook Messenger, suspect held

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH/WSPA/WNCN/WJHL) - Police departments across the country are warning users to not share a video that's been circulating on Facebook Messenger.

Authorities say the video shows a pornographic image of a young girl and an adult man.

After the video began circulating on Facebook, several law enforcement agencies throughout the country began investigating. Authorities in Alabama say they have identified the suspect and the victim. News outlets report that the victim has been located and is safe.

Those agencies are also warning people to not share the video because doing so is illegal.

Some people are sharing the video in a misguided attempt to catch the person who made it, police said. If someone sends it to you, you should report it to Facebook.

Do not send this video to CBS North Carolina.

Other agencies, including the Chicago Police Department, have said they are investigating as well. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, social media users began contacting authorities "regularly" to report the video Friday night.

Central Alabama CrimeStoppers announced warrants Monday against 44-year-old Germaine Moore of Millbrook, just outside Montgomery.

State Bureau of Investigation Lt. Brooke Walker says Moore's wife has been detained and is not cooperating.

Moore also is wanted in Detroit, where prosecutors allege that he sexually assaulted three girls.

The video circulating on Facebook and other social media as far as Colorado and France shows a young girl performing oral sex on an adult.

Montgomery Police charged 42-year-old Jerrell Washington with distributing it, and warn that anyone who shares the video, even in outrage, can be charged as well.


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