Democratic presidential candidate Harris speaks at packed Durham church

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DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Senator Kamala Harris spoke at the St. Joseph AME Church during its Sunday service.

The California-native who is running for president spoke to the crowd about her faith and upcoming political race.

“I was taught that when you want to praise God, then praise God through your actions as well as your words,” Harris said.

There wasn’t an empty seat in the room.

The theme was “Jobs, Justice and Education.” Harris said it was honoring the upcoming 56th anniversary of the March on Washington.

“If justice is to be real in America, one of the most important and lasting places it will happen and take place is in the courtrooms of America,” she said. 

Several of Harris’s sorority sisters from Alpha Kappa Alpha were in the crowd. 

She talked about her trust in God and the importance of fighting for justice.

“Jesus tells us your neighbor is not just the person who lives next door,” Harris said.

Many at the event said they support her. 

“I’m proud to have an African American female to be where she is right now,” said Julius Monk. 

“I thought she made very good remarks on her faith, her faith in God and it needs to correspond with political action and civic engagement. Her message was really inspiring today for sure,” said Clay Desouza. 

The Democratic candidate joked with the reverend. 

“Yes pastor, I know you can’t tell people who to vote for but you can tell people who to pray for,” Harris said. 

Harris also left the crowd with the following message. 

“The measure of our strength is not who we beat down, it’s about who we lift up,” Harris said.

On Saturday, Harris spoke at the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People’s 84th Founders’ Banquet. 

The Trump Administration released the following statement about Harris:

“Whether she was intentionally keeping bail rates high or refusing to release minor offenders from prison to use inmates for cheap labor, Kamala Harris has a controversial record on criminal justice issues. As California’s ‘top cop,’ Harris went as far as jailing parents for their children missing school. North Carolinians deserve to know Kamala Harris’ prosecutorial record does not match her campaign rhetoric.”

Trump Victory Spokesperson Samantha Cotten

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