RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The early criticisms of the make up of the January 6th House Committee were loud and clear. But as the televised hearings continue to lay out what unfolded before and during that day, many elected republicans have not been as vocal.

That includes North Carolina’s own congressional delegation who voted to not certify the election.

“At first they were very critical of the committee and what it was trying to do but given the approach the January 6th committee has taken by using the testimony of former Trump officials, most of them are republican, it has caused many of the critics of the January 6th Committee to have no response,” said Meredith College political scientist David McClennan.

Although it’s too early to tell, McClennan said it could be similar to what we saw 50 years ago.

When the Watergate break-in was first reported, republicans stood with Richard Nixon for more than a year. However, it was the subsequent hearings and finally Nixon’s voice on the White House tapes that implicated him in the cover-up—which changed everything.

“But we don’t know it’s sort of like the Watergate hearings, they’d been going on for a while until the explosive tapes and things came out and all of a sudden you know, things change. And something similar could happen if there’s even more evidence that points the finger at the former president,” said McClennan.

That could work in favor of democrats in the fall election, but democrats also face tough headwinds. The party of the sitting President also typically loses the mid-terms.

Republicans could see testimony against Trump as an advantage if it decreases his hold on the party.

“Particularly as Joe Biden ‘s approval ratings are down, the country is having some problems that the Biden administration is being blamed on, not to have the distraction of Donald Trump might be a very positive thing for republicans,” said McClennan.

If the primaries tell us anything at this point it’s that an endorsement from former president Trump still holds a lot of weight.

We saw it in North Carolina with Bo Hines’ win in the race for N.C. House District 13 and Ted Budd’s win in the republican primary for U.S Senate. There are also several who have won primaries in other states who still contend there was election fraud.