WASHINGTON (WNCN) – Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) used his time on the floor of the House of Representatives Monday to attack his liberal counterparts over their conversations about gender, saying “science isn’t Burger King” and offering his definition of what a woman is.

“The left has ripped away the pen of truth from the author of life,” Cawthorn, the 26-year-old man elected to represent North Carolina’s western-most counties, said to begin an 80-second speech about what makes a woman.

“Your left-wing movement is forcing childrens (sic) to endure radical expressions of sexuality, and yet you can’t even define what a woman is. You can amend a bill, but you’ll never amend biology,” Cawthorn said.

“Science is not Burger King. You can’t just have it your way.”

Cawthorn went on to note that, as the youngest member of the House of Representatives, he “never imagined one of [his] sacred duties in this hallowed chamber would be explaining to the house speaker the difference between a man and a woman.”

And what is a woman? As Cawthorn put it, “XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker.”

It might be worth noting that Burger King has a vegetarian offering — the Impossible Burger — so Cawthorn may be needed to define what constitutes a “burger,” as well.

But stating that causes “woke liberals in Silicon Valley to strip you of your voice,” per Cawthorn, “and ban you until you bow at their alter of falsehoods.”

Cawthorn went on to decry Twitter for “muzzling” conservative voices like Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson. Kirk was suspended by the platform for misgendering Adm. Rachel Levine, the highest-ranking openly transgender government official. Levine was recently named one of USA Today’s honorary “Women of the Year.”

Carlson hasn’t tweeted since March 22.

Last week, Cawthorn came under fire from leaders in both parties after claims he was invited to orgies and that he witnessed cocaine use in Washington. Since then, state Republican leaders like Sen. Thom Tillis, state Senate leader Phil Berger, and state House Speaker Tim Moore have backed one of Cawthorn’s primary challengers, state Sen. Chuck Edwards.