Rep. Ross recalls Jan. 6 insurrection, says lawmakers were going to certify results ‘no matter what’

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Rep. Deborah Ross remembers Jan. 6, 2021, being “agonizing.”

“We were told close all your windows, close all your doors, have the lights very low, (and) do not have the TV on because if people come through the hallways, we don’t want them to pound down your door,” Ross recalled.

The congresswoman from North Carolina’s second district was in Washington for the vote to certify the 2020 presidential election.

“I was very safe at this time but it was agonizing,” Ross said.

Insurrectionists had rioted at the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the election that made Joe Biden the president-elect. After 12 hours of being locked in her office with a staffer, the all-clear came to move to the House floor for a vote.

Leaders of both parties were determined to do what they were there to do.

“We heard that we were going to be coming back to vote, and that was the most heartening part of the day because we were not going to let these folks who were trying to take down government, who were trying to kill the vice president and the speaker, they were not going to win. We were going to come back to do our jobs. We were going to certify those electors,” Ross said.

“And so, that resolve, I think, really propelled all of us to do our duty and do it with honor — with honor to make sure we saved our republic.”

Ross said as the adrenaline wore off in the following days, the reality of what happened and the emotion set in.

“If we had let these, really, traitors take over our country, that it would be much worse. I think that the resolve, the amazing resolve of the speaker, the majority leader, and the vice president to certify those electors really showed that no matter what threat, we were going to do our constitutional duty no matter what,” Ross said.

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