Poster on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver helps 9-year-old save his cousin’s life


MCNAIRY COUNTY, TN (CNN Newsource) – A 9-year-old boy in Tennessee is being called a life saver.

A poster with illustrations on “Choking First Aid for Children” has been hanging on the lunchroom wall at Ramer Elementary for 14 years.

It’s caught Timothy Prather’s attention more than once. Especially the one showing the Heimlich maneuver.

A life saving move he put into use on Saturday, when his 3-year-old cousin, Conner, started choking on a Life Saver.

The pair were attending a rodeo with Prather’s grandparents when Conner started choking.

“I was crying and stomping my feet like this. And then started crying,” recalled Conner.

Both grandparents tried to help.

“Our mam-maw had him upside down and our pap-paw was patting his back. That’s how I knew something was wrong,” said cousin, Timothy Prather.

Recalled what he’s seen on the posted at school, Timothy dropped to his knees and started the Heimlich maneuver.

“I took him and I started pushing his stomach like this,” said Prather. After a few moments, the Life Saver candy was dislodged from Conner’s throat. “I just felt happy that he’s alive.”

News of Timothy’s heroics were the talk of Ramer Elementary School.

Kindergarten teacher Brani Warldow commented, “It’s awesome to think that a third grader can save a life. It’s amazing!” Warldow put this posted in the lunchroom and in every classroom 14 years ago, hoping students would pay attention and maybe someday, save a life. “We never know when they’re watching, what they’re picking up on. To think that this little poster here saved his little cousins life. It’s amazing.”

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