ZEBULON, N.C. (WNCN) — The town of Zebulon is full of history and historic buildings, including the Town Hall in the historic Wakelon School building. Now there’s a movement to preserve even more of its rich history.

A new group called Preservation Zebulon is working to do just that: protect parts of the town that have historical significance.

In downtown Zebulon, impressive hundred year old homes line the streets. Some have been kept up over the years, others have been left to wither away until they have to be torn down. MaryBeth Carpenter and her husband, Scott, are salvaging a historic home in need of much TLC.

“We found out this home has a really rich history. One of the early settlers of Zebulon lived here,” said Carpenter.

After finding the so-called “John D. Finch House,” the Carpenters took it upon themselves to make sure more historic buildings would be restored to their former glory. The duo started Preservation Zebulon, and along with other community members, are working with the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office to designate historic districts and landmarks. The town is considering working with the group as well to incorporate preservation into its master plan.

“We just don’t want the history to go away. When houses get torn down, you lose a big chuck of history behind that and it becomes lost,” said Carpenter.

If you’d like to follow along the Carpenter’s renovation and preservation process of their own home, you can follow their blog here.