RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A pro-life women’s clinic has plans to move their new office next door to an abortion clinic in Raleigh.UPDATE: Raleigh City Council denies anti-abortion group’s rezoning request

Both A Preferred Health Center and Your Choice Pregnancy Clinic are currently located off Jones Franklin Road.

Your Choice Pregnancy Clinic has purchased a home next door to the Health Center, but to move in, zoning ordinances must change from residential to commercial.

Earlier this week, West Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council voted in support of the move.

Baker Nelson is founder and executive director for Hand of Hope Pregnancy Centers/ Your Choice Pregnancy Clinic.

She said the move shouldn’t cause problems.

“I don’t think it will cause any issues because I think one thing we can agree to pro-choice proponents and pro-life proponents, can agree on is that you do have a choice in your pregnancy. I think that’s some common ground we can agree to,” Nelson said.

A Preferred Health Center said the rezoning of the property will bring more harassment and scrutiny to its patients and staff.

In a statement, the Center said the move is an intimidation tactic and will not change anyone’s personal beliefs.

“A Preferred Women’s Health Center does not support the underhanded tactics of Hand of Hope or its associates,” the statement read. “However, if granted, it will cause disruption and difficulties for not only our business, but for our neighbors as well.”

The Raleigh Planning Commission will meet in less than two weeks, and then it will head to City Council for final approval.