Rainbow 6: Seige tournament to bring fans in realistic tactical gear, Raleigh police warn


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Raleigh police sent an alert to people downtown to let them know they’ll likely see people in military tactical gear this weekend, but it’s part of a gaming event at the convention center.

The R6 Raleigh Major is a tournament that starts Friday, in which teams from around the world will compete as they play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

It’s a popular video game that features shooting and characters from counter-terrorism units.

Scott Peacock, a spokesman for the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau, said about 6,000 people will attend.

Among them, about 10 percent will be in costume.

The Raleigh Police Department sent an email to people downtown with pictures from previous events to give them an idea of what to expect. Following recent shootings across the country, the department wanted the community to be prepared for what they’ll see.

As you can see in the provided pictures it attracts a lot of people that like to dress in very realistic looking military type gear,” wrote Sr. Officer T.A. Howard. “Let all your people know that this event is going on, so when they start seeing these type of costumes on Friday they will know what is going on.”

The Greater Raleigh Esports Local Organizing Committee worked to bring the event to Raleigh, which is the second largest of its kind, Peacock said.

The teams are competing for $500,000.

Leo Robine, traveled to Raleigh from France with his team to take part.

“And, it’s making tactics really important, a big part of this game. And, I like playing chess. So, it’s like playing chess plus aiming and shooting. So, the both of them together, I really like it,” he said.

Nicholas Albert said the event will bring devoted fans who enjoy dressing as the characters from the game, wearing things such as bullet-proof vests.

“The dedication the fans have to the teams, to the game, to just making it a good environment and culture to be part of,” he said.

Though tickets to watch the tournament are sold out, there is a free interactive portion of the event which is still open for people to check out Saturday and Sunday.

People who attend will notice enhanced security at the convention center.

“Just as is the case with most world-class esports tournaments, the event organizer, Ubisoft, in coordination with the City of Raleigh have employed a variety of security measures to ensure a safe environment including credentials, metal detectors, bag checks, uniformed and undercover Raleigh Police Department officers, security cameras, K-9 units and more,” wrote Peacock in an email.

RPD also sent CBS 17 a notice that people attending the event will see warning them not to point prop weapons at anyone. “Such action may be interpreted as an aggressive act and be dealt with accordingly- up to and including arrest,” it reads. While people will be allowed to leave the convention center through any exit, they’ll only be able to enter through the main security checkpoint.

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