RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A business near downtown Raleigh reached out to CBS 17 hoping to get help fixing a road riddled with potholes and crumbling pavement.

Run Raleigh Physical Therapy is located off Fairview Access Road. Office manager Stacy Rooney said the road has been in poor condition for at least two years.

“Since we’ve moved into this office space, we’ve just had a lot of problems with the conditions of the road,” Rooney said “We’re just really concerned about our patients’ safety.”

CBS 17’s traffic anchor Laura Smith visited the road and confirmed it’s in bad shape.

She said it doesn’t even have painted lines for drivers. Rooney said the Fairview Access Road also has drainage issues, and it’s frustrating for the business and her customers.

“Any amount of rainfall, the road floods,” said Rooney.

In January, she said a customer got stuck in floodwaters and ended up in a vehicle crash.

Two people inside the vehicle got out and walked through the water to get to the business. Shortly after, a tractor-trailer backed up into the vehicle stuck in the water.

Rooney said no one was injured but shows how bad the road condition is.

“We’ve placed phone calls to the city to make them aware, but we’ve also spoken to them in the parking lot,” said Rooney.

She reached out to CBS 17 hoping to get some help.

According to the City of Raleigh, in 2019, it accepted the portion of the roadway that lies within the NCDOT right of way, onto the city system and said that it was in “very poor condition.”

In a statement, a spokesperson said, “Since 2019, the City has responded to a number of inquiries regarding the condition of the pavement. City forces have been diligent in responding to and patching potholes and other pavement failures that have formed, but overall, the pavement is still in poor condition.”

Within the last year, the City says staff have started to evaluate all aspects of the road in an effort to come up with a plan for a phased overhaul of the City maintained section.

“To date, a number of subsurface drainage issues have been identified along with curb replacements, driveway replacement, access considerations, and of course pavement replacement,” said a spokesperson for the City of Raleigh.

As a stop-gap measure, while the other repair needs are planned and taken care of, the City says it included extensive pavement repair and strengthening work in a citywide pavement preservation contract that will be performed during the summer and fall of this year.

In a statement, the City of Raleigh says “the pavement repair work will solve a number of the worst pavement issues as well as provide a good base for a new surface layer of pavement that will come in a future year after all the other overhaul work is complete. The City will continue to be diligent in responding to pothole repair needs while we wait for the contract effort to be scheduled.”

Remember, you can always report road problems to the City of Raleigh by using this link.

CBS 17 will watch this story closely and update it once the project gets underway.

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