RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Low-income families in Raleigh who are facing eviction now have another place to get assistance.

Campbell Law students have been given resources to fight their cases and help them stay in their homes.

On Tuesday, Raleigh City Council decided to give the school $100,000 a year for three years.

This is the first time the law school has received a direct grant from Raleigh leaders.

“A pressing issue in our city right now is housing,” said Rich Leonard, dean of the Campbell Law School.

He told CBS 17 the pandemic and rising housing costs have made the living situation for some who live in Raleigh more difficult.

“There were moratoria and there were funds, but a lot of that is out now,” said Leonard. “The landlords are back and are rightfully trying to reclaim property that they’re not being paid for.”

That’s why Leonard wants his students to step in.

The grant money will expand the Blanchard Community Law Clinic so more students can take on the rising number of eviction cases.

“We know the need out there is massive,” said Leonard. “Eight students can at least do 5-6 cases at a time. So that’s 50-60 cases. That’s 50-60 citizens who are getting legal help, who otherwise couldn’t afford it.”

The clinic can only legally represent people who are at or less than 200 percent of the state poverty level.

Leonard said that’s the population who needs the help the most.

“If you’re at that income level and you lose your house, homelessness is right there in front of you, ” he explained. “It’s easy to see how people’s lives can pretty quickly unravel if they lose a stable place to live. So we hope to keep as many as possible.”

The grant also includes a one-time $200,000 gift for the clinic to use as a settlement fund.

Leonard hopes the program will be successful and city leaders will decide to continue to fund it in the future.