RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The community continues to reel from the loss of an 11-year-old girl killed at the Raleigh Christmas Parade over the weekend.

There are two growing memorials for her. One memorial was started outside the victim’s dance studio, CC & Co. Dance Complex, and a more public one is on Hillsborough Street.

This downtown Raleigh memorial is becoming a gathering point for people touched by the tragedy in different ways. Flowers, notes and small gifts continue to be dropped off. From those who knew the victim to those with no connection at all- it’s become a place for reflection.

“It brought that back up for me and my daughter, losing someone that close,” said Karl Morrison. He visited the memorial on Tuesday and was at the parade Saturday morning, seated near the beginning of the parade route.

Morrison says he watched as the truck came down the road that took a little girl’s life.

“It wasn’t going fast, just a continual roll and then there was a real loud grinding noise,” said Morrison.

He and his daughter, a nurse, are now questioning if they could have done anything to help.

“We’re all kicking ourselves that we didn’t act sooner or figure out that it was certainly a tragedy going on or about to happen because of all the noise,” said Morrison.

Morrison says it’s been difficult for his daughter to explain to her own children what happened over the weekend.

He, like the many who are coming to this memorial, say its difficult to think about how joyous Saturday started and how sadly it ended.

“With Thanksgiving around the corner, so much to be thankful for and her family can’t be thankful for it,” said Morrison said.

CBS 17 reached out to Raleigh Mayor Mary-Anne Baldwin and every city council member on Tuesday to find out if they think more needs to be done to protect people in the future.

Only outgoing council member David Cox responded saying the future council should be more involved in public safety and should look at what measures are taken at larger parades like the Macy’s and Rose Bowl parades.