Raleigh company predicts terrorist attacks, shootings, riots

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A Raleigh company says it can help stop suicide bombings, mass terrorist attacks and even school shootings.

PredictifyMe, an analytics company, is looking to make the world a safer place by looking at the past to predict the future.

Company founders Marcy Bucci and Rob Burns joined forces with Zeeshan Ul Hassan Usamani, who is considered a leader in predictive analytics, to stop horrific acts before they get started.

“He was able to predict with a higher than 75 percent accuracy of when and where a suicide bomber would attack,” Bucci said.

Usamani has collected the data for the suicide bombing victims for the last 10 years, collecting 13,000 of those patient’s records. “I have the largest data set on Earth, when it comes to suicide bombings,” Usamani said.

He designed the
PredictifyMe computer program that analyzed historical blast data from his homeland of Pakistan for more than a decade.

“So we know where the person was standing, where was the bomber, what was the distance, what kind of shrapnel he received, what kind of injuries he got,” Usamani said.

In analyzing the information, they realized that they have the blast signatures for the terrorist organizations. “I can tell you who did the attack with 93 percent accuracy, based on the way they make the bombs,” Usamani said.

They looked at what they call geo-political indicators, which includes things like political events, weather patterns, even the date on the calendar.

Burns said there are more than 150 such indicators. “You have to combine all of those,” he said. “You have to determine which combination is going to develop the risks for a particular area.”

There are more than a half million data sets available in the public domain free for use, Bucci said.

“We have a sense for where the next five riots will be, what cities,” she said. “Where will the next Baltimore, Maryland be?”

PredictifyMe predicts the next riot is most likely to be in Boston.

What keeps the team going isn’t predicting death and destruction but stopping it from happening, they say.

One school massacre in Pakistan killed 150 people. “Who knows how many of those were Bill Gates or Einstein,” Usamani said. “Or how many of those have some kind of cure for AIDS or cancer or something. You don’t know. So, for me, it’s that we should have this equal opportunity for everybody around the world.”

PredictifyMe is currently working with the UN to help thwart terrorist attacks.

In addition to deadly serious uses,plans on getting into retail space where they can predict the type of customer, their tendencies and what things they like to buy.

“We are trying to use those data sets to predict the future to help companies, organizations and individuals make better decisions,” Bucci said.

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