RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — For many, fireworks are a major part of the Fourth of July, but the Raleigh Fire Department wants to makes sure people know the risks that come along with them before the holiday.

Deputy Fire Marshal Lemuel Hubbard said because of the hot temperatures, the ground is dry and fires sparked from fireworks are more likely than usual.

He suggests people go to professional fireworks shows in the area, rather than set them off at home. Hubbard explained that handheld sparklers can even be dangerous.

“They’re about 1,200 degrees, it’s like having a blowtorch in your hand when it comes to fireworks,” Hubbard said. “You don’t want to give that to your children because, number one, they can catch something else on fire or cause terrible burns to themselves, so instead of having a great holiday, you’re in a hospital.”

If you do set them off at home, Hubbard said to make sure you only set off one at a time, make sure they are not on a flammable surface and that they are legal.

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