RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh inventor says he’s created a type of building material that will protect a home from fires, storms, and even bullets.

It’s made of a special type of ceramic-based panels.

A home built with the panels in Raleigh is the first of its kind. It’s built for safety and energy efficiency by American Craftsmen Inc.

Edward Rubio runs the company and invented the panels. “We’re reducing the overall impact on the planet and at the same time protecting life and people,” he said.

The panels that make up the outer walls floors and roof of the home are designed not to burn even when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Rubio says they’re also impact resistant to a nine millimeter bullet, yet the walls are designed to be flexible too and able to withstand winds from a hurricane or tornado.

The house is built to save energy- using solar panels and geothermal energy, but Rubio says the panels themselves save energy too. “What we’re doing is we’re reflecting the heat off the structure so it doesn’t penetrate,” he explained.

Homeowner, David Mao says the home will save him money in the long run. “It saves me a lot on energy bills,” he said.