RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh man ran 100 miles in 24 hours to empower those battling addiction to steps toward their own sobriety.

Sunday morning Jon Frey wrapped up the day long run through Oakwood Cemetery as part of “Oakwood 24.”  He says the third annual fundraiser is a message of hope for those suffering from substance abuse.

“You can make a decision to do anything for 24 hours, whether that’s stay sober or run for 24 hours, if you take it into bite sized chunks,” he said.

Frey knows what it’s like to battle addiction.  His recovery journey from drugs and alcohol began in 2016.  Frey says running has always played an important role in his life, especially as a tool for his recovery.
He says the holiday season is a difficult time for people struggling with substance abuse.
“Anxiety with the family and temptation at holiday parties.  Some people feel isolated,” he said.

The National Institute for Drug Abuse says feelings of isolation have been made worse during the COVID19 pandemic for those trying to get or stay sober.

NIDA says quarantining and other safety measure disrupt access to support services and social isolation creates risk factors for relapse.

“There hasn’t been a lot of in person meetings,” said Frey.  “Virtual meetings are harder for people to connect with and get started on recovery.”

During this year’s “Oakwood 24” Frey raised $76,000 for Healing Transitions, the same Raleigh program that helped sustain his recovery.

The money raised will help Healing Transitions serve more than 300 men and women as they seek recovery and safe shelter.