RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Sources within the Raleigh Police Department say Austin Thompson, the 15-year-old suspected gunman in a mass shooting in Raleigh last month, was released from Wake Med Hospital and transferred to a detention center outside of Raleigh.

The fiancée of one of those victims says hearing the news was hard, but also relieving in a way because now he’s hopeful the criminal proceedings can begin soon and bring some sort of closure.

“It’s hard, Mary isn’t here, and he is,” Robert Steele said.

He was supposed to marry his fiancée, Mary Marshall, in October. But weeks before their wedding, Marshall was shot and killed in the Hedingham neighborhood.

“Some days I’m in tears all day and some days I’m numb,” Steele said. “Some days I’m a little bit more put together.”

Nearly one month after the shooting that also took the lives of four other people, sources say the 15-year-old suspected gunman, who was shot in the head before being captured, has been released from the hospital.

“Moving on is probably so far out of the window right now, I just want him to stand trial,” Steele said.

While there’s no word on the suspect’s condition or when he could stand trial, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman has said she does plan to try him as an adult. Steele says he wants to see the alleged shooter behind bars.

“Five sentences of life without parole, that’s what he deserves,” Steele said. “He deserves more, but there’s only so much that can be done when a juvenile commits a crime.”

Outside of the courtroom, Steele says he wants to see the city and the state make changes to keep residents safe in emergency situations, including active shootings.

“We need an alert system, like I told the City Council, there is absolutely no reason that we can’t force an alert to every cellphone out there,” Steele said.

In the meantime, though, Steele says he spends his days remembering the love of his live and all she brought to the world.

“I ask myself every morning, ‘What would Mary want me to do?’ because she was my example of a good person, she was the person that I was trying to be worthy of,” Steele said.

Steele says in addition to the alert system, he’d like to see Medicaid expanded so that more money could be put toward mental health resources, especially for teens and young adults.