RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Several 911 calls have been released to CBS 17 detailing moments of Thursday’s mass shooting in Raleigh.

In the first of four calls, the caller told the operator what he saw.

“[The shooter] came through with a shotgun and shot my buddy. Get here ASAP,” the caller said.

The caller also said “the shooter has on all camo… he looks like he’s about 15.”

The caller also told the 911 operator that an off-duty Raleigh police officer was shot.

“It’s an officer. He works for y’all,” the caller said.

The dispatcher replied back, “You said it’s an officer?” The caller then told the operator the off-duty officer works for Raleigh and was shot.

About three minutes into the call, the operator told the 911 caller first responders were on their way.

The caller then exclaimed, “Oh my God. It looks like he’s bleeding from his chest.”

In the second call, a neighbor tells the operator what she heard outside her window.

“I heard some shots outside and I looked out my window and the neighbor’s on the ground, I think,” she said.

She also looked outside her window and told the operator what she saw.

“There’s somebody lying by the bush and there’s somebody’s lying on the porch,” she said.

The operator then asked if she saw “anybody running or shooting anything?” The caller told the officer was she heard.

“No, we just heard it. And we heard them screaming.”

The third caller saw the shooter running through the woods.

“Tell me exactly what you see,” said the operator. The caller then told the operator that he “saw a kid shot somebody.”

The operator then asks where the suspected shooter was going. The caller told the operator that “he’s running back through the woods.”

The fourth 911 caller described the scene from their bedroom.

“I’m currently in my room — there’s people out front in a like a cul-de-sac and I think someone just got shot. I think I heard three or four gunshots,” the caller said.

Raleigh police said Friday morning that five people were killed and two others were injured. The 15-year-old suspect remains in critical condition.