RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Six days after the mass shooting in Raleigh, Tracey Howard is remembering his wife Nicole Connors and his dog, Sammy. 

“I’m just taking it a minute at a time and you know, I’ve got a lot of emotions going through me,” said Howard.

Connors just one of five people who died in Thursday’s mass shooting in the Headingham neighborhood in Raleigh.

Howard says his wife and Marcille Gardner, who he calls Lynn, had gone out that evening for Gardner’s birthday dinner. When he got home, he found Connors, Gardner and his dog, Sammy, shot.

“I pulled in the driveway and I seen Lynn laying right behind your camera man there laying on the sidewalk. I didn’t realize it was her at first when I first pulled in the driveway, so I ran out the car to see what was going on and I see she was bleeding,” said Howard. “I went to go get Nicole because I thought she was in the house calling 911 or something but then when I turned to run up the stairs I seen Sammy laying up there and I seen my wife. Both of them were laying on this porch.”

Gardner is in the hospital recovering from her injuries. Meaghan McCrickard is remembering her sister, Mary Marshall. She says Marshall was out looking for her dog, Scruff, who had slipped away that night.

“He apparently slipped his leash or slipped the collar and took off and he just didn’t want to come back home, so she had gone off to chase after him and bring him home and she just happened to be on the greenway at the wrong time,” said McCrickard.

Marshall was supposed to be getting married next week. Instead, her family is planning a celebration of life on what would have been her wedding day

“She was the kindest, most generous, devoted, loyal, loving person I’ve ever met,” said McCrickard.