RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The sound of revving engines rumbled throughout Raleigh Sunday morning as a procession of motorcycles, jeeps, law enforcement and others joined together to honor a Raleigh Police officer killed during a mass shooting less than two weeks ago.

“I’m going to support my brothers through anything, I mean I can’t imagine losing a family member like that,” said Steven Davis, a volunteer firefighter from Johnston County.

Davis was among more than 150 people who registered to be part of a memorial ride for fallen Officer Gabriel Torres.

“It’s a shame, it’s terrible, it should have never happened but it’s a reality of our world today,” said Davis.

Operation Fly Our Flag is a nonprofit that’s mission is to honor those who serve or have served in the U.S. The nonprofit operates in five states across the nation.

“He was a brother, a father and a husband,” said Nathan Sheppard, the president and founder of Operation Fly Our Flag.

Sheppard, who served as a Wake County Sheriff’s Deputy, organized the memorial to support Torres and his family.

“Nothing will bring back Officer Torres, nothing we can do here, nothing we do on the road will bring him back other than us keeping his memory,” he said.

Sheppard said the ride was the least they could do to honor the Marine Corps Veteran and Raleigh police officer while also thinking about Torres’s family.

“I know they’re in a place we can’t understand unless we’ve been there, and this is just a way to say we hear you, we’re there for you, we support you, let us try to honor him the best we can,” he said.

Sheppard said drivers were able to register and buy stickers with Torres’s name on them to help raise money for the officer’s family. At 10:42am, the end of watch call, the engines started and the ride began down Wake Forest Road to downtown Raleigh, and ended in Garner.

“When one of us goes down, I feel like I lost a brother,” said Stephen Spivey who traveled from Dunn.

Spivey said he, too, served in the military and raised his right hand to take an oath- just like Torres. Spivey, who lived in the Hedingham neighborhood where Torres and others were shot during a mass shooting, said it was important for him to be there on Sunday during the memorial event. He said the tragedy hit close to home.

“We’re making a charitable donation and putting our time together to show that we support them and their family and the ones that are left behind,” Spivey said.