RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)–Days have gone by, but the pain still lingers.

Tiffany Hunter said the reality of it all didn’t quite hit until she realized how close her home was to some of her neighbors who were shot and killed Thursday during a mass shooting in Raleigh. Hunter said she was among several people in the Hedingham neighborhood who were left questioning what had happened while waiting to get to their homes.

“My heart just dropped, and I was trying to make sure the neighbors I was in contact with were okay,” Hunter said while recalling the tragic night. Since then, Hunter said the Hedingham community has been quiet. She said, “the community as a whole is just in a lot of pain, a lot of hurt.”

Hunter said that many neighbors felt like their sense of security and peace were taken away after that day. “It’s us now trying to figure out, how do we go about, how do we move forward, because we feel like now we have to create a new normal,” Hunter said.

For many people, finding that peace has started with coming together. Hunter joined others during a gathering outside of First Alliance Church Sunday afternoon. Pastor Daniel Rothra said they felt a responsibility to be there for families in a time of need. Rothra said, “It was important for us because it is our neighborhood… We know that there are people within our circle that were affected.”

Rothra said the church has worked hard to support the people in the community including offering families produce on Saturdays. Rothra said anyone is invited to come to the church or just stop by if they need someone to talk to. He added, “It’s about caring for their whole life and we felt responsible because we’ve been cultivating these relationships in our community.”

Hunter, who also attended the memorial service outside the Willow Oaks Clubhouse in Hedingham on Saturday, said the gatherings have created a sense of hope and healing. She said, “To see everyone show up, and the fact that we were loving each other, we were supporting each other, some of us had never seen each other before, but the love and support that was out there was just overwhelming.”

Neighbors said it’s that kind of support that has helped the Hedingham community stay strong.