Raleigh residents complain of trucks driving through neighborhood


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Raleigh residents are complaining about trucks using their neighborhood as through streets. Now, the city is taking action against the drivers to get them off residential streets.

There’s an ordinance that defines a truck as anything with three axels or more. Some who live on Starmount Drive say that 18 wheelers that cut through the neighborhood fit the ordinance’s description.

“I don’t know why trucks come through here, but it’s quite a bit,” said resident Brian Raderchak.

The city has an online map which delineates all of the designated truck routes in Raleigh. They are outlined in green. Starmount Drive is a street where trucks are excluded.

It’s is a residential street with a speed limit of 25 mph, which residents say drivers ignore. With no sidewalks, people have to use the shoulder of the road to do things like walking their dogs.

They say big trucks are a big problem.

A post on a community website reads: “Our Starmount subdivision is bombarded daily with 18 wheelers of all kinds, cutting through our neighborhood. Regulars are ABC Roofing and Sysco foods. Isn’t this against the law?”

City officials said the ordinances are in place for a reason.

“Trucks in a residential setting are not something people want,” said Raleigh Transportation Department Traffic Engineer Jed Niffenegger.

He also said in residential streets are built to a different standard than those of thoroughfares, which includes the amount of weight it can hold without breaking down the road surface.

Niffenegger said the city has sent letters, which include a copy of its truck ordinance, to the two firms mentioned in the complaint. The letters warn the companies that their trucks are violating the law by using Starmount Drive.

If that doesn’t work, Niffenegger said the city uses a more aggressive tactic.

“We follow up with another letter, and for a lot of these we use the Raleigh Police Department,” he said. “I don’t have enforcement ability, but having a uniformed officer with a sidearm drop off these letters carries a bit more weight.”

Niffenegger said the city rarely has to go to the second step in getting trucking firms to stop using residential streets.

The city can also ask the Raleigh police to do targeted enforcement in a residential neighborhood.

Anyone who notices trucks with more than three axles or more using residential streets on a regular basis, the city said to get the name of the trucking company and send that information to transportation department using the email portal on its website.

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