RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — “People in poverty get treated as invisible a lot. So people walk right by them. And so I wanted to create a place where all people could come together and all people could have a good meal that we all deserve,” says Maggie Kane, who has managed to create such a place.

Kane has created a non-profit restaurant that allows a community to profit from all the other tangible benefits by the simple concept of paying what you can.

“Pay what you can means when you walk in all of our prices are suggested prices so you can choose to pay that price, you can pay more and pay it forward for someone else, you can pay less or you can pay by volunteering with us,” said Kane.

It gives everyone, as the name of the restaurant says, ‘A Place at the Table.’

Beth Swartz is a former teacher who volunteers at the restaurant.

She told CBS17 “it’s truly the most amazing thing to be in in here because I knew that I would meet a lot of neat people but, I had no concept of the variety of people I’ve gotten to know.”

Swartz is talking about folks like Alaric Vines. Recovering from addiction Vines made his way here and now is also part of the family.  

“Not only did I come in, they would feed me, they would treat me with dignity and they showed me they really cared,” he said.

Kane got the idea while volunteering in soup kitchens. She wanted a place that folks who are less fortunate can pick what they want to eat, feel like they belong and be inspired by others.  

On the random Tuesday when CBS 17 visited the restaurant was packed. Just this week construction began to more than double the restaurant’s space.

“From the people who are dining here, donating volunteering Raleigh has made this happen and everyone has a place here,” said Kane.

Monday Kane received the prestigious 2019 William C. Friday award from her alma mater North Carolina State University for her work in the community.