HOUSTON (WNCN/CNN) – As hurricane turned tropical storm Harvey continued to dump rain on Texas, one dramatic rescue was caught on camera Sunday night.RELATED: Donate to the Red Cross to help Harvey survivors

Traffic cameras showed the rescue of a driver who was stranded in a flooded SUV on the Interstate-10 freeway in Katy near Houston, according to KTRK.

In the video, a driver of a white SUV is stuck with water up to the windows of the SUV and water nearly covering the front windshield.

Harris County firefighters told KPRC that the driver crawled to the back of the SUV and out the back window to escape.

In the video, the firefighters rescue the driver by bringing a boat to the SUV and pulling him onto the boat.

Firefighters took the man a dry area, before heading back out to search for more survivors, according to KPRC.