WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WNCN) — The Memorial Day weekend didn’t go smoothly for a lot of air travelers.

FlightAware reported more than 400 cancellations in the U.S. yesterday, according to FlightAware. There have been several delays at RDU as of Tuesday, but not many cancellations.

Experts say we are going to see more of these over the summer due to airlines adding flights while dealing with staffing shortages. CBS 17 asked travelers if this will prevent them from flying.

“It only means that my vacation will be, you know, to another day or it’s going to be extended for a longer time if I get stuck. Either way, it’s gonna happen. Absolutely,” said Edward Lima, who is flying to see family in Washington.

RDU experiences delays as the summer travels season begins.

Andy Silverfein tells CBS 17 he already had enough trouble finding an initial flight. He doesn’t want to deal with potential delays or cancellations.

“I’ll probably cut down on travel, yeah,” Silverfein said.

RDU is one of those airports adding new flights this week. You can fly to Montreal starting on Wednesday and a non-stop flight to London starts on Friday.